10 Common Chinese Slangs You Need to Know (2020 Edition) | Learn Mandarin with Sukie Chinese


放鸽子 Fàng gēzi rain check
你被放鸽子了  bèi fàng gēzile You were stood up.
达人  rén talented person
Sukie是唱歌达人 Sukie shì chànggē  rén Sukie's got a talent for singing.
蛋疼 dàn téng feeling helpless or the nagging sense, or being bored, or like it’s a pain in the ass.
闲得蛋疼 xián  dàn téng extremely bored
吃醋 chīcù jealous of love or attention
你吃醋了  chīcùle You're being jealous.
说曹操 曹操到 shuō cáocāo cáocāo dào You're speaking of a person and that person suddenly appears.
闷骚 mèn sāo someone appears to be gentle and quiet, but in fact he likes talking dirty and fooling around
闷骚男 mèn sāo nán the kind of guys who seems to be nice, gentleman, but in fact once you know him better, you’ll find out that he likes flirting, or talking dirty jokes
腹黑  hēi someone appears to be very nice and warm, but in fact very evil
大姨妈  yímā period or menstruation
我大姨妈来了   yímā láile I'm on my period.
钻石王老五 zuànshí wáng lǎo  rich and single guy
爷青结  qīng jié My youth ends.


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10 Common Chinese Slangs You Need to Know (2020 Edition) | Learn Mandarin with Sukie Chinese 

Hi everyone it’s your girl Sukie. In this video im gonna explain 10 very common Chinese slang that we uses in daily life or on the internet. The last one is a relatively new one and kinda confused me at first.



So the 1st one is: 放鸽子 which can be translated into set off the pigeons or free the pigeons word by word. But in fact it means rain check. For example, you have a date for dinner, but in the afternoon you get a wechat message saying: oh im so sorry but I won’t be available tonight. Can we have dinner next time? So 你被放鸽子了 you were stood up.



The 2nd one is: 达人 which means talented person. And you can add a certain talent before 达人to describe a person. For instance, I’m very good at singing. And you can say Sukie是唱歌达人。Which means Sukie is very good at singing. Well I’m definitely not a 唱歌达人if you wonder, but I do enjoy singing. 



The 3rd one is: 蛋疼 which can be translated into testicles hurt or ballache. It means feeling helpless or the nagging sense, or being bored, or like it’s a pain in the ass. For example your mom doesn’t like the girl you’re dating and you’ve to either leave her or upsets your mom. And I can say这太蛋疼了. another example闲得蛋疼 means extremely bored. A very good phrase to describe the quarantine life. 



The 4th one is: 吃醋 eat vinegar which means feeling jealous. Usually jealous of love or attention. For example, the girl you like goes out with another boy. And you’ll feel very angry, sad, anxious, you know all those mixed feelings. And that’s called 你吃醋了 which means you’re jealous. 



The 5th one is: 说曹操 曹操到 this is actually a popular phrase among foreigners learning Chinese. And it means while you’re talking about a person, that person appears. For example, you’re talking with your colleagues about how mean your boss is, and your boss suddenly appears right behind you. Good luck~



The 6th one is: 闷骚 which means someone appears to be gentle and quiet, but in fact he likes talking dirty and fooling around. So 闷骚男means man or male. 闷骚男is the kind of guys who seems to be nice, gentleman, but in fact once you know him better, you’ll find out that he likes flirting, or talking dirty jokes, you know the type.



The 7th one is: 腹黑 which can be translated into belly black. So it means someone appears to be very nice and warm, but in fact very evil. Can you think of a movie character who’s 腹黑?Comment below



The 8th one is: 大姨妈 which originally means aunt. But nowadays it’s used as euphemism and means the period or menstruation. So when a girl says 我大姨妈来了 it doesn’t mean her aunt is here to visit her. If you want to go out with her, you may want to buy her a hot Bubble Tea with Dates.



No.9 钻石王老五 if a guys is called 钻石王老五, it means he’s very rich and single. A love story between an innocent ordinary girl and a 钻石王老五 can always make a popular tv drama.



The last one is an abbreviation that I didn’t get for the first time. 爷青结. It’s relatively new compared with other slang. And it’s short for 爷的青春结束了.  means grandpa but it refers to I in slang, you know, like a big boss, 青春 is youth 结束means end, over. So 爷青结means My youth ends. For example, a celebrity you’ve been loving for 10 years got married. And you can say 爷青结 which means the end of an era, the marriage indicates the end of your youth. Or when Harry Potter ends, you can say 爷青结.



All right guys that’s all for today’s video. I’ll put everything below in the description and you can check it out. In the meantime come hang out with me on my instagram and website to learn Chinese. My name is Sukie and I will see you in the next one. Bye~




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