Watch These TV Dramas with English Subtitles:

1. 二十不惑:


2. 以家人之名:


3. 我喜欢你:




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Hi everyone it’s your girl Sukie. In this video I’m gonna recommend my top 3 most favorite TV dramas which are also extremely popular this year. And they’re also very good choices to be your Chinese learning materials. Btw, the last TV drama is the most amusing one.

So the first one is 二十不惑.二十is twenty. Here it refers to age. 不is not, very easy. And 惑means confused.  So 不惑means not confused.  It’s about 4 girls’ story. They’re roommates in college, and upon graduation, they all have their struggles and feel lost. These four girls are with different backgrounds. One is a rich girl but very innocent. She’s talking about celebrities and food all the time. The second is a very pretty girl but cold to other people. The third girl has a tough relationship with her mom because she plans everything for the girl. The fourth girl is more than ordinary so she kinda envies her roommates. She’s my favorite character in this tv drama because of her romantic story with her boss. I don’t really think having a thing with your boss is a good idea but their story is really cute. This show is very related to daily life in college so if you’re into some fun and romantic college story, check it out.

The second TV show OMG!!! is以家人之名, which can be translated into In the name of family. But the official English name is called go ahead. But omg im really excited about this one because of the actor 宋威龙 He’s sooo cute, really handsome and really good at, you know, flirting~ Ok, this drama is about a girl, and her two brothers. Although she calls them brothers, they’re not related in blood at all. In fact, her elder brother, 宋威龙, lives upstairs and his mother abandoned him when he was little. So the girl invited him to have meals with her and her father ever since then. And her second brother was also abandoned by his mother, and his mother went on a blind-date with her father. So this boy lived with her families ever since then. As you can see, 3 kids, not biologically related in any way, grew up together. They love each other very much and it’s like a normal, real family. There’re many hilarious scenes in this tv show, as you can imagine, three kids in a family, it has to be full of stories and laughter right? So in general, this is a very loving very warm and fun tv show about families, growth and love. And it’s got 宋威龙in it~

The 3rd show is by far, the most amusing one of the year in my opinion. It’s called 我喜欢你 which means i like you. And the official english name is called Dating in the kitchen. So as you probably guess, it’s a love story and has something to do with food right? So the main actress is a cook. And the actor is a very rich and successful business man who also happens to own the hotel the actress works in. This tv drama is sooo fun omg i literally laughed to tears many times. Like the actor accidently fell into water because of her. And he was poisoned by soup and she made him drink soap water to vomit but because of the soap water he was like a bubble gun. Oh sorry spoiler alert. You have to check it out it’s one of the funniest tv dramas of the year. It’s called 我喜欢你.

All right these are the 3 tv shows I wanna recommend and I’ll put the names below and you can check it out. They’re very fun to watch and very good for you to learn Chinese. In the meantime, come hang out with me on my instagram and website to learn Chinese. My name is Sukie and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye~


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