How to Pronounce zh ch sh r | Tricky Chinese Pronunciations | Sukie Chinese


zhū 猪: pig


zhú 竹: bamboo

zhú zi 竹子: bamboo


zhǔ 主: main

zhǔ yào 主要: main

zhǔ yào wèn tí 主要问题: main problem


zhù 住: live

wǒ zhù zài shàng hǎi 我住在上海: I live in Shanghai


zhù 祝: wish

zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè 祝你生日快乐: wish you a happy birthday



chī 吃: eat
chī fàn 吃饭: have meals
chī píng guǒ 吃苹果: have an apple

chí 迟: late
chí dào 迟到: late
shàng kè bié chí dào 上课别迟到: don't be late for class

chǐ 尺: ruler
chǐ zi 尺子: ruler


chì 翅: wings

zhá jī chì 炸鸡翅: fried chicken wings


shū 书: book
zhōng wén shū 中文书: chinese book

shú 熟: familiar
shú xī 熟悉: familiar
wǒ hěn shú xī zhè gè dì fāng 我很熟悉这个地方: I'm very familiar with this place

shǔ 暑: hot, summer
shǔ jiǎ 暑假: summer vacation
shǔ jiǎ zǒng shì duǎn zàn de 暑假总是短暂的: summer vacations are always short.

shù 树: trees
shù lín 树林: woods
nà biān yǒu piàn xiǎo shù lín 那边有片小树林: there's a little forest over there.



rè 热: hot
jīn tiān tài rè le 今天太热了: it's too hot today.
shuǐ hěn rè 水很热: the water is very hot.



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YouTube Script:

How to Pronounce zh ch sh r | Tricky Chinese Pronunciations | Sukie Chinese

Hi guys it’s your girl Sukie. In this video we’re gonna talk about the pronunciations of zh, ch, sh and r. Many people find zh ch sh and r very difficult to pronounce. In fact, you can remember them by separating the sounds from english vocabulary.

The 1st one, zh, zh, zh, which is the beginning part of joy. J-oy. Or Drive, dr-ive. A common chinese character with zh is猪,pig. 竹,the second tone, for example  竹子 means bamboo. Another chinese character with zh is 主for instance. 主要means main. The main problem 主要问题。住, fourth tone, means live. 我住在上海。I live in shanghai. Another 祝, same pronunciation, different character, means wish. 祝你生日快乐 wish you a happy birthday.

The 2nd one is ch, ch, ch, as in cheat. Ch-eat. The beginning part. Cheat. A very common chinese character with ch is 吃, which means eat. 吃饭 have meals. 吃苹果 eat apples. The second tone is 迟 for example迟到. it means late. 上课别迟到。 don’t be late for class. 尺子 third tone, means ruler. 翅,4th tone , means wings. 炸鸡翅 fried chicken wings.

The 3rd one is sh. As in s-ure, sh-oot, sh-eep. Sh sh sh. 书is a word you must know, and it means book. 中文书 chinese book.  熟, 2nd tone, for example 熟悉, 我很熟悉这个地方i’m very familiar with this place.  暑, 3rd tone,  暑假summer vacation. 暑假总是短暂的. Summer vacations are always short. 树, 4th tone, 树林,forest 那边有一片小树林 there’s a little forest over there.

The last one is r, as in r-aw, but the very very beginning sound of r. or Garage, the ending sound, r, r, r. Let me give you one chinse character of r for example, 热, and it means hot. 热 热 热。今天太热了it’s too hot today. 水很热 the water is hot. 热热热. remember this word.

All right guys practice these 4 sounds and I’ll put everything below in the description box and you can check it out. In the meantime, come hang out with me on my instagram and website to learn Chinese. My name is Sukie and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye~


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