How to Say 10 Blockbuster Names in Chinese | Learn Mandarin with Sukie Chinese


Number Movies Chinese Pinyin
1 Avengers 复仇者联盟 Fùchóu zhě liánméng
2 Harry Potter 哈利波特    
3 Fast & Furious 速度与激情 sùdù  jīqíng
4 Transformers 变形金刚 biànxíng jīngāng
5 007 零零七 líng líng 
6 Mission Impossible 碟中谍 dié zhōng dié
7 Frozen 冰雪奇缘 bīngxuě  yuán
8 X-Men X战警 X zhàn jǐng
9 Twilight 暮光之城  guāng zhī chéng
10 Iron Man 钢铁侠 gāngtiě xiá


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How to Say 10 Blockbuster Names in Chinese | Learn Mandarin with Sukie Chinese

Hi guys it’s your girl Sukie. Movies are a great topic to talk about and make friends. In this video let’s talk about blockbusters and the movie names in Chinese.

No.1 Avengers 复仇者联盟 I love Avengers and Tony Stark and Thor and Black Widow are my favorites. It’s sad that no more Avengers movies are coming in the future, but people still talk about it nowadays. And we have a nickname for it 妇联, which is short for 复仇者联盟 and 妇联is also an association for women.

No.2  Harry Potter 哈利波特 ok i’ve to say i’m being biased here because I am a huge fan of Avengers and Harry Potter so I name these two first. But even years past by, people are still crazy about 哈利波特. One of the big reasons we’re very looking forward to the Universal Studio in Beijing which will open next year is because of the Harry Potter park in it.

No. 3 Fast and Furious 速度与激情 Dwayne Johnson is popular in China and we call him 巨石强森 Big Rock Johnson.

No. 4 Transformers 变形金刚 I think all boys are crazy about it right? The most beloved transformer in China is Bumble Bee 大黄蜂.

No. 5 007 零零七 Honestly, who doesn’t fancy James Bond.

No.6 If we talk about 007, we will have to mention Mission Impossible. And I love the translation very much. 碟中谍

No. 7 Frozen 冰雪奇缘 I bet Disney has made more money from the Elsa dress. It’s like a dream for every girl. And I love the Chinese name for Frozen too, very pretty and just like a fairy tale.

No.8 X-Men X战警 I remember one year they invited a famous Chinese actress named 范冰冰 but honestly, I’m not a big fan of X战警. Guys in it are not cute enough for me. Sorry about that but I love Tony Stark and Thor more.

No.9 Twilight 暮光之城. Again, great translation. Very beautiful. Vampire stories were quite a buzz a few years ago and the main actor and actress are really cute I kinda wish they could be together.

No. 10 Iron Man I just can’t stop talking about it can I. But oh my, 钢铁侠, this is a signature movie not only for the Marvels but also in China. He’s the reason many people are crazy for the Marvel universe, like me.

All right guys, which one above is your favorite movie? Comment below and let me know. In the meantime, come hang out with me on my Instagram and website to learn Chinese. My name is Sukie and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye~


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