【Recommend】6 popular places foreigners love to live & work in China | Sukie Chinese



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【Recommend】6 popular places foreigners love to live & work in China | Sukie Chinese

Hi everyone it’s your girl Sukie. In this video I’m gonna show you  6 popular places that foreigners like to work and live in China.

The 1st one is Beijing, obviously. If you’re into traditional Chinese culture and constructions while living a modern life, Beijing is a very good choice. The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, all these famous tourist destinations are located in Beijing. And Guomao, which is also know as CBD, Sanlitun, Houhai, Gongti, are great places for you to have some Italian pizza and enjoy a large beer imported from Germany. Especially Sanlitun is a nice place to hang out at night. There’s a street with many bars and you’re gonna love it.

The 2nd place is Shanghai no doubt. I love Shanghai and that’s why even though I am a Beijing girl I’m living in Shanghai now. Shanghai is a very international city and extremely beautiful all year around. If you’re a food lover and miss the flavor of your hometown, you will be fine in Shanghai. No matter it’s Mexican food, India food, American, Italian, French, you’ll find nice restaurants making authentic food here. I love Putong District very much. It’s very big, but fewer cars and people, with beautiful flowers and green trees. It reminds me of days back in Boston. And another surreal place is 新天地. I was shocked the first time I was there. It was at night and I was standing next to Shake Shack and many foreigners were having food at the restaurants and bars close by. For a second I thought I was in New York, only it’s cleaner here.

The 3rd place is Shenzhen, a new but very energetic city. It’s like the Silicon Valley in China, with many high-tech and internet companies. Funny thing about this city: You can hardly meet anyone who’s originally from Shenzhen here. Almost everyone you meet is from other places. It’s because just a few decades ago, Shenzhen was just a poor fishing village. And it’s the Reform and Opening-up Policy that attracted so many people here and built this amazing city. So this explains why Shenzhen is one of the most inclusive city in China. There’s a saying here: No matter where you’re from, now that you’re here, you’re a Shenzhen person. Another advantage of Shenzhen is its climate. Although it’s still quite cold in winter for a few days, but compared the winter in Beijing and Shanghai, it’s literally spring here.

The next place is next to Shenzhen, which is Guangzhou. I’ve never been to Guangzhou but I know there’re many foreigners there. Guangzhou is famous for its food. Omg, literally any food in Guangzhou is delicious. I’ve quite a few friends who moved to guangzhou and gained 10 kg even 30 kg after just a few months. They just can’t stop eating. But before you decide to go there, be aware that it’s the home of Cantonese, which is literally another language. Like for me, there’s no way for me to understand what guangzhou people are talking about.

The next two places are quite close, which are Chongqing and Chengdu. These two places are famous for their spicy food and hot pot. If you’re into spicy food, you’re gonna love these two cities. And it’s said that because of the weather and climate, girls there are more beautiful, and with better skin.

Which of the 6 cities do you want to live? Comment below and let me know. In the meantime come hang out with me on my instagram and website to learn Chinese. My name is Sukie and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye~

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