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30-Day One-On-One Challenge: Pronunciation Corrections - Sukie Chinese

30-Day One-On-One Challenge: Pronunciation Corrections

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Dare to challenge yourself and correct your Chinese pronunciations in 30 days?

Join this 30-Day Challenge and speak Chinese like a pro!

What's it about?


This is a 30-day challenge and everyday we'll work on the pronunciations including tones of some Mandarin Chinese One-One-One and we'll help you correct your current pronunciation and tone problems so that you can speak Chinese like a local.


How does it work?

After your enrollment, you'll receive an email invitation from your tutor. In the next 30 days, we'll work on the pronunciations and tones on a daily basis via voice messages, instant videos, or calls etc. If you can't make it at a certain time, no worries, there're various methods that'll make sure you'll get assistance. We'll help and correct your pronunciation and tone problems and you can expect to speak Chinese better.


Who is eligible for the challenge?

Anyone who is struggling or want to improve your Chinese pronunciations and tones can take the challenge and join us. 


Why should I join it?

Better pronunciations and tones are a game changer. Not only will local Chinese understand you easier, you'll be more confident to better express yourself. In this challenge, we'll help each and every one of you to sharp your tones and correct pronunciations. You can listen, learn, practice and be good at it. And not to mention the encouragement and momentum you are going to get from your own tutor. You'll find the next 30 days be a milestone in your Chinese learning experiences. 


So what're you waiting for? This challenge won't be available all the time. If you want to have great Chinese pronunciations and tones, Join NOW!

For any questions: gaosukie@gmail.com  or  DM us on Instagram @SukieChinese