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HSK 4 in 60 Days - Sukie Chinese

HSK 4 in 60 Days

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【Bonus in the end】

Congratulations on your new start at HSK 4!

This is an intensive course and a whole new journey, much more exciting and challenging at the same time. But don’t be scared because we’ll break down HSK 4 for you piece by piece so that you’ll benefit the most from this course with this solid approach.

1). Systematic Design

Just like our signature course HSK 1-3 IN 30 DAYS, this course values systematic approach when it comes to learning. Beginning with relatively easy content, you'll gradually move on with more challenging knowledge while constantly reviewing previous usages. This systematic design will make sure you'll take in new information without forgetting previous ones.

This is a very solid and full approach to study HSK 4 and you’ll have homework after each lesson. Make sure to get great results before moving on to the next lesson. And if any questions, feel free to take the lesson again or ask your private tutor for help. We highly encourage you to review the lessons as many times as possible to help with memory and reach out to your private tutor for assistance whenever you have questions.

2). Tackle Problems One by One

  1. Start with Grammar

We’ll show you how sentences are structured like A+B+C and the key points of how to understand and make those sentences.

e.g. 挺+adj+的=pretty adj

       挺容易的=pretty easy; (easy -  容易)

       挺好的=pretty good. (good - 好)

If a sentence is like a wall, grammar is the building techniques to make it. Acquiring these techniques so that you’ll be prepared to work on sentences.

  1. Move on with Vocabularies

We’ll guide you and work on pronunciationsmeanings and applications of these essential HSK 4 vocabularies.

They’re the bricks to the wall, so collect as many as possible so that it’ll be easier when working on sentences.

  1. Work on Sentences

We’ll walk with you to understand example sentences, apply them to daily life, and make sentences to express yourself.

e.g. 再说: put something off; in addition, moreover, besides

       咱下次再说吧: let's put if off until next time.

       再说,太远了: besides, it's too far away.

This is the final wall that you’ll build with all the bricks and techniques.

Download files of each lesson into your laptop or cell phone for quick reviews. You can find pinyin, vocabularies, grammarsentences and translations in the files.  Just spend 10 minutes in the subway or 5 minutes while waiting on your coffee. You’ll see how much you can achieve with this little and constant reviews in a long run.


3). Economic & Efficient

At Sukie Chinese we want our courses to serve more people at affordable prices, and to deliver knowledge in an efficient manner, so that our clients and save money and time. This is why we make the course as online videos & audios so that you can access anytime and anywhere. And although it's an intensive course designed for 60-day quick study, you’ll have 8 months of access to the course, just in case you'll need to take a break or something comes up in the middle of your study. We want our clients to get the most out of this course. At Sukie Chinese, we do language hassle-free.

This course is starting in 2020 fall. Get it now and take the advantage of free warm-up lessons. Early birds enrollment is open now with huge discounts (tuition fees will increase so take your seat early).





Bonus: HSK 3 is Included for FREE

HSK 3 is included in this course for FREE NOW!!! 【limited time offer only

You'll find a condensed package of HSK 3 for free if you purchase this course now. Just in case you want to quickly study or review HSK 3 before moving on to HSK 4. 

Simply purchase HSK 4 In 60 Days and you'll get both HSK 3 and 4 in your course.



1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. This program is for simplified Chinese. 


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