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Chinese/English Flash Cards - Sukie Chinese

Chinese/English Flash Cards

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You're gonna LOVE these!

Approximately 1,000 carefully designed flash cards with English, Chinese, Pinyin and matching images for you to better memorize phrases!

These flash cards are in the format of downloadable images to save your money on international shipping fees. You can print them out and hang them on walls so that you can see and study everywhere you go in your home. Or you can download them to your cellphones and study on the go.

These words and phrases are extremely practical and frequently used in daily life, making them essential and the best companion buddy when studying.

For almost 1,000 flash cards, the difficulty level starts from beginner to advanced level.

Below are some examples for your reference:


1.  For tech reasons, you'll need a gmail account to download all the flash cards. (Some email providers can't transfer such a huge file)

2. They're for Simplified Chinese.


Who Am I ???

Hi my name is Sukie, the founder of Sukie Chinese. And I'm here to help you quickly learn Chinese online. Wanna join me on social media? Check out my Instagram and Youtube below and join Sukie's squad ❤️❤️

Instagram: @SukieChinese  

Youtube: @SukieChinese  


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For any questions: gaosukie@gmail.com  or  DM us on Instagram @SukieChinese


Find us on Social Media:

Instagram: @SukieChinese  

Youtube: @SukieChinese

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