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CHINESEGRAM Academy: 6-Month From Zero To Capable 【Premium】 - Sukie Chinese

CHINESEGRAM Academy: 6-Month From Zero To Capable 【Premium】

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The Ultimate Chinese Course for Beginners

from Zero to Capable

in 6 Months

【Let's face it: learning only by yourself, getting free apps, watching random YouTube or following awkward Instagram videos HARDLY work when it comes to learning one of the most challenging languages in the world. You'll need a paid course, which will ultimately save your time, energy and money, and you'll want a coach.】


Your enrollment is protected by our 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Let's break it down and see what this course offers.
Within 6 months, you'll learn:


1⃣️ Authentic Chinese Pronunciations

- This is the foundation of everything. In order to fluently communicate with locals in the future, we'll have to tackle the pronunciation problems first. We'll start with Chinese alphabet, work on Pinyin, in the end we'll master the tricky Tones.

You'll be able to speak out any Chinese with Pinyin at the end of this phase.

2⃣️ HSK 1-3 Study & Analysis
- HSK is the official standard when it comes to learning Chinese. And we'll go through some dialogues and paragraphs to study HSK vocabularies and grammar.

You'll be familiar with the key points of HSK 1-3 after this phase.

3⃣️ Advanced Practical Chinese in Daily Life 
- We'll apply what we have learnt from HSK to actual daily conversations and usages. This is a hard mode and you'll see how native speakers talk and express themselves in daily life.

You'll learn authentic Chinese that can be directly used in daily life and make conversations with locals after this phase.

4⃣️ FREE BONUS for Early Birds
- We'll explore how Chinese writing works. There will be introductions, guidelines and common character studies - stroke by stroke. So you can simply follow and easily write out Chinese.

You'll be literate and aware of how Chinese writing works after this phase.

5⃣️ 12 Months Access

- You'll enjoy 12 months to access the video lessons whenever you want. That means you can review as many times as you want.



In total there will be 38 lessons.


Take a closer look at the course

Is this you?😫😫😩😩

"I'm a beginner and I don't know where to start. There's too much information and I feel OVERWHELMED!"

"I've been learning Chinese for 3 years by myself and got nowhere cuz I keep giving up..."

"I used this app to study Chinese and my pronunciation sounds like a robot and people don't understand me."

We feel you. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

In fact you're not alone. Around 99% of people feel lost at first and almost 90% feel like giving up in the middle of study. And lots of did give up because they see no progress and no directions after trying.

That's why we created Sukie Chinese, a place where we can guide and help people like you to quickly improve Chinese skills.


Chinesegram Academy is EVERYTHING you'll need to to learn Chinese quickly and easily.

You can expect to have a solid foundation of Chinese study, and communicate with local Chinese.

If you're a fresh beginner and are confused by Chinese pronunciations, tones, characters or grammar, this is the one that'll guide you the way.


In this course, you'll start with Pinyin, and learn Chinese alphabet and tones. After finishing Pinyin, you'll be able to speak out ANY Chinese character you want! With great pronunciations and tones

Don't underestimate the power of Pinyin study. This is the foundation and why in the future native Chinese will give you a big thumbs-up and say "Wow your Chinese is awesome!".

After Pinyin, we'll dive into the sea of HSK and study vocabulary, grammar and sentences through dialogues and paragraphs.

In addition, we'll take a step further and apply what we learnt to daily life. At Sukie Chinese, we strive to share authentic and practical language that local Chinese actually use. So you'll be able to apply what you learn seamlessly into daily life.


If you enroll now, you'll get FREE BONUS Course on Chinese Writings - stroke by stroke! You'll also learn Chinese writings with clear and straightforward illustrations, stroke by stroke, through images, animations and human-writing videos.

An image of stroke orders for a Chinese character is to give you a general idea of how to write it.

An animation of a character writing is to show you the standard and esthetic way to write it.

A human-writing video is to show you how to actually write it in real life.

You'll also expand your vocabularies while writing Chinese characters.

Private tutor service is FREE for now. So grab the course now before late and ask your private teacher for help when you're taking lessons or having questions in life.

A big innovation of Chinesegram Academy Premium is that we combine recorded video lessons (Pronunciation, Daily Chinese & Bonus) and live stream lessons (HSK) together, so that the price stays affordable while you'll have real-people real-time interactions. 




1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. The free private tutor service and live sessions will be provided via WhatsApp, WeChat, Zoom, Google, Facebook Messenger or other applications. You'll receive details on how to reach your private tutor in emails after enrollment. Details schedules will be discussed further with each client.

3. This program is for simplified Chinese. 


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your enrollment in Chinesegram Academy is protected by our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You have full 60 days to take lessons, do homework, and put it to the ultimate test. If on Day 59, you find Chinesegram Academy isn't everything we promised it to be, email us with your complete assignments and we'll refund you money. We firmly believe that Chinesegram Academy works if you work.

 Apply Now.

For any questions: gaosukie@gmail.com  or  DM us on Instagram @SukieChinese


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