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One Year From Zero to Master: HSK 1-6 & Chinese Speaking - Sukie Chinese

One Year From Zero to Master: HSK 1-6 & Chinese Speaking

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This is the ultimate course you're looking for to learn Chinese and speak it like a native speaker.

It's a perfect combination of class studies and real-person speaking practices, so you'll learn vocabularies, grammar, sentences from online courses, then apply them to daily conversations, presentations and speeches with our tutors from Sukie Chinese.

You'll have full access to our amazing HSK 1-6 courses and in addition to that, you will have chances to speak out what you've learnt, improve your Chinese speaking skills, and get corrected by Sukie Chinese teachers. You'll also get to listen to others' talking if you're taking the speaking courses in a small group, and learn from each other.

You'll have access to our intensive HSK 1-6 courses. All fo these will be online in the format of recorded-videos, which means you can access these lessons anytime, anywhere at your convenience. You'll also find files for each lesson with vocabularies, grammar, sentences in Pinyin, translations and Chinese characters. These are very good materials for you to review. And when having questions, just ask us and we'll help you asap. While taking lessons online, don't forget to practice with your tutors. 

You'll enjoy 24 classes with tutors for speaking practices. There will be a theme for each lesson. And be prepared, because there's no time to waste in class. So prepare yourself first, get to know the topics, be familiar with the possible vocabularies, grammar and sentences you'll use to make conversations. And if it's a presentation or speech, get your lines ready in advance. Our tutors will help you correct mistakes, and make modifications and improvements so that your Chinese will be more authentic. You can book these classes in advance based on your plans and tutors' availability. It's very flexible so that you can balance work, life and Chinese learning.

This is a one-year program. Our goal is to help you quickly learn Chinese, boost your overall Chinese skills within a relatively short period. Please note that while we're providing you with amazing content, practical languages, useful practices and great tutor services, your hard-working and dedications are also crucial. So buckle up for this exciting adventure with us.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us via email: gaosukie@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @SukieChinese




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