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Chinese Writing: Read & Write Chinese Characters STROKE by STROKE - Sukie Chinese

Chinese Writing: Read & Write Chinese Characters STROKE by STROKE

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Can’t read Chinese characters?

Confused by the complicating strokes?

This is the ultimate course for you to learn and write Chinese characters!

In this course, you’ll learn & write Chinese characters Stroke by Stroke. These characters are carefully picked from local school textbooks and are used to teach Chinese students for fluent communications. So these are the most practical Chinese characters you'll often see and use in daily life.

What Can I Get from This Course?

1. Rules to write Chinese characters 👍

- learn structures, stroke sequence & stroke names 

2. Chinese characters, stroke by stroke 😎

- see both animation & hand-writings for each character 

3. Pronunciation of each Chinese character 🎉

- learn writing and speaking at the same time 

4. Meanings of each Chinese character 😍

- remember the meanings while practicing writings 

5. Phrases of each Chinese character 💝 

- grow your vocabulary list while writing Chinese characters 

6. Downloadable files for review 🔥

- download notes with Pinyin, Chinese characters, phrases & English for easy review

7. Downloadable images for better memory ❤️

- download images with Pinyin, phrases, English and matching pictures to better memorize Chinese


What's The Difference Between This Course And Free Apps/Videos Online?

1. Write Chinese Characters Stroke by Stroke

- Follow images, animations and real-person hand-writing videos to write Chinese characters stroke by stroke.

2. Learn, write, and RECOGNIZE Characters

- Tricks to tell apart similar characters e.g. 土 vs 士; 来 vs 夹; 堵 vs 赌

3. Consistency is the rule

- carefully picked characters in designed learning sequence. 

4. Learn Practical Chinese characters

- These characters are must-learn for all students in China, which means they're very fundamental and extremely practical in daily life.



You will learn:

200+ highly highly practical verbs that describe actions and:

700+ must-know nouns and adjectives such as fruit, animals, food, jobs, equipment, structures, appearances, tastes and so on.


Together with the Chinese characters and those additional ones from examples, you'll learn to get the level where daily communication vocabulary is no longer a problem!

Exciting isn't it?!

You will also learn Chinese characters at your comfortable place, at your convenient time. Everything including video lessons and documents are online so you can access the course anytime, anywhere.

Each lesson comes with an online video and files including downloadable sheets of characters, pinyin, translations, phrases and downloadable matching images! So you can rewatch as many times as you want and review with handy materials. At Sukie Chinese, we do courses hassle-free.

The default period of this course is 10 months so you'll have plenty of time to learn and practice.


Want cool and Instagrammable writing grids? Click here and get Printable Writing Grids.



1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. This program is for simplified Chinese.



Get downloadable audios of 20 CLASSIC Traditional Chinese Poems with great music that you can listen on the go. Almost every Chinese learnt and knows these poems. They're the asset of China's tradition! 🔥


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