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Chinese Speaking & HSK 1-4 IN 90 DAYS - Sukie Chinese

Chinese Speaking & HSK 1-4 IN 90 DAYS

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If your goal of learning Chinese is to communicate with native speakers, this is the course for you.

This class consists of two parts:

1. Chinese pronunciations (alphabet, Pinyin combinations, Chinese tones);

2. Intensive HSK 1-4 lessons (vocabulary, grammar, sentences etc).


Why Should I Study Chinese Pronunciations First?

Because this is the foundation, the core, the must-master skills for authentic Chinese speaking. You'll start with Chinese alphabet, just like you do when learning English. Then you'll learn to combine those letters together to form Chinese pronunciations. But that's not everything. The tricky part is the tones. That's what will make you stand out among others who haven't paid enough attention to pronunciations. After this part, you can expect to speak out Any Chinese character you want with great pronunciations!

What's About the Intensive HSK 1-4 IN 90 DAYS?

The intensive HSK 1-4 IN 90 DAYS course is designed under the HSK guideline but with more practical languages. At Sukie Chinese, we only share practical Chinese that you can actually use in daily life. You can expect to quickly boost your overall Chinese skills including expanding vocabulary lists, using grammar proficiently, and applying practical sentences to daily conversations etc. So absorb as much knowledge as you can, and get ready to talk about life, complain about your boss, and give opinions on topics such as environment and technology with native speakers.

This is an intensive course to quickly boost your Chinese speaking skills within 4 months. However if you want to take it slow at your comfortable pace, or take a break in the middle of study, that's totally fine too. We understand that things may come up sometimes in life or you want to spend more time with friends and families. And that's why we make the default period of this course 12 months! All courses are recorded video lessons online so that means you can take lessons whenever and wherever you want, and re-watch as many times as you wish. At Sukie Chinese, we do courses hassle-free. 

And this course currently comes with Private Tutor service for FREE. Yep, whenever you have any questions, just reach to your private tutors and we'll help you asap. However this service is only included for free for a short while so grab the course now!

This combo course is currently at huge discounts. Enroll now before late!


1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. This program is for simplified Chinese.



Chinesegram Academy: Find more details here.


For any questions: gaosukie@gmail.com  or  DM us on Instagram @SukieChinese


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