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HSK 1-4 in 90 Days - Sukie Chinese

HSK 1-4 in 90 Days

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Let's cover HSK 1-4 in 90 days and jump from beginner to intermediate level!

This is an intensive course. You'll have lessons, homework and tests so get prepared.

But don't feel lost or overwhelmed because we'll guide you along the journey and help you tackle vocabulary, grammar and sentences all at once.

If you have been following us on Instagram and YouTube @SukieChinese, you know that at Sukie Chinese, we do courses hassle-free. You can expect to boost your skills on Chinese vocabularies, grammar and sentences with the help of Pinyin, translations and examples, and communicate with local Chinese or prepare HSK tests in the future. And by make it an intensive course, you can expect to cover HSK 1-4 in 90 Days.



However, if you need a time-out, feel free to take a break. Because although it's an intensive course to cover HSK 1-4 in 90 days, you'll have 12 months to access all the lessons and files. That's a whole year! We understand the importance of work-study-life balance and we want to make sure that our clients will study at ease and get the most out of this course. 

This course is video-lesson-based so you can study whenever and wherever you want, at affordable price. You'll access all the video lessons together with downloadable notes after enrollment. Then you can take the lessons at the comfort of your home, or in the subway to your office.

Moreover, you'll have private access to your tutor. So whenever you have questions, just ask your private tutor and we'll help you asap. This definitely gives this course a personal touch and you will have real-person assistance at a great price. 

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