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HSK 1-4 in 90 Days & Chinese Characters Writing - Sukie Chinese

HSK 1-4 in 90 Days & Chinese Characters Writing

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If you're looking for a course to take your Chinese skills from Beginning to Intermediate level, HSK 1-4 in 90 Days & Write Chinese Characters is the course for you.

This course consists of two parts: HSK 1-4 and Chinese character writings. So you can expect to improve your skills on grammar, vocabulary, sentences as well as character writings.

If you have been following us on Instagram and YouTube @SukieChinese, you know that at Sukie Chinese, we do courses hassle-free. You can expect to boost your skills on Chinese vocabularies, grammar and sentences with the help of Pinyin, translations and examples, and communicate with local Chinese or prepare HSK tests in the future. And by making it an intensive course, you will be able to cover all the important points of HSK 1-4 in 90 days.

However, if you need a time-out, feel free to take a break. Because although it's an intensive course to cover HSK 1-4 in 90 days, you'll have 12 months to access all the lessons and files. That's a whole year! We understand the importance of work-study-life balance and we want to make sure that our clients will study at ease and get the most out of this course. 

You'll get notes with all the pinyin, translations, sentences etc in them for your review. And take a self-test for each lesson to see how well you've learnt. 

In the writing part, you'll learn the most frequently used simplified Chinese characters stroke by stroke. Just referring to the images, or following the animations or hand-writing videos and write these Chinese characters one stroke at a time. Even though Chinese characters can be intimidating, you'll find it very easy and pleasant to write by taking this stroke-by-stroke character writing course.

You'll also get to learn the pronunciations, meanings and phrases of each Chinese character. You'll get designed images as flash cards for your review and memory. Download these images and documents and review what you've learnt in your cellphone or tablet on the go.

All courses are recorded video lessons online so that means you can take lessons whenever and wherever you want, and re-watch as many times as you wish. And you'll enjoy 12-month access to all the lessons. 

This combo course is currently at huge discounts. Enroll now before late!


1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. This program is for simplified Chinese.



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