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Chinese Essential: CONQUER Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation in 30 Days【1-on-1 Live】 - Sukie Chinese

Chinese Essential: CONQUER Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation in 30 Days【1-on-1 Live】

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If are a beginner, or have been learning Chinese for a while but never put some serious time and effort into Pinyin, you'll NEED to take this course before moving any further.

Because Pinyin is the foundation, without which you'll have difficulty with Chinese speaking and memorizing vocabularies efficiently.


By enrolling in this course, you'll lay a solid foundation of Chinese within 30 days. Don't rush into the massive realm of vocabulary, grammar and characters just yet. Conquer Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation, and you'll find Chinese is getting easier and easier when learning. Like the old saying goes:

mó dāo bú wù kǎn chái gōng


which means sharpening the knife will not delay chopping wood —— prepare well so that you can do it faster in the future.


In this course, you'll thoroughly learn Chinese Pinyin and have real people help and check your pronunciations

You'll start with Chinese alphabet, which is like the English alphabet, but with different pronunciations. Then you'll learn combinations of these letters, which form the basic sounds of Chinese. After that, you'll learn the tricky tones, which is a big difference between Chinese and other languages. That's the part that requires the most attention from your Chinese tutors, who will guide and correct your pronunciations one-on-one.

This course covers pretty much ALL Chinese pronunciations (that's right, because Pinyin is the root of Chinese speaking). And after conquering Chinese pronunciations, it'll be much easier when you learn vocabularies and sentences in them future, and what you learn will make more sense to you (opposed to a jungle of complicating sounds and characters).

In order to provide you the best services at the most affordable price, you'll take 11 Pinyin lessons in the format of recorded-videos online, and receive 5 1-on-1 lessons face-to-face online. We offer a variety of face-to-face class methods, such as Google Meet, WhatsApp, WeChat etc.

And although it's an intensive 30-day program, you'll have enjoy 3-month access. So take it slow if you want. We want our clients to get the most out of our courses. At Sukie Chinese, we do courses hassle-free.



1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. The live 1-on-1 lessons will be provided via Google, Skype, WeChat or other applications. You'll receive details in emails after enrollment.


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