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Daily Instagram Post Study & Applications 【Subscription】 - Sukie Chinese

Daily Instagram Post Study & Applications 【Subscription】

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If you haven't followed me on Instagram, stop, and click here @SukieChinese

I do post everyday on Instagram where I share quick and useful content to learn Chinese.


You may wonder: "Why do I pay for this subscription service if I can get your post for FREE on Instagram"?  

Because I will break down the knowledge into further details for you to study, cover pronunciations and grammar, give examples to show you how to use them properly and share background info and insights which you'll get nowhere else ---- Quickly & EVERYDAY.


For example:

In addition to standard procedures of pronunciations, phrases & grammar, we'll specifically talk about the applications of "making a statement" and an interesting and well-known background story. 

So when you want to officially make a statement, such as "I'm in charge of my life" or "I'll decide what I'll wear in my own party", you can start with "my life" and "my own party" to present a firm line, then you can follow up with "I'm in charge" and "I'll decide what I'll wear". The tone is tougher than the sentences with opposite order.

And an interesting background story with this sentence structure is that there was an extremely popular advertising featured by the top celebrity Jay Chou many years ago, in which he said the famous slogan "我的地盘我做主" which means " I'm in charge of my territory". So if you make a sentence with this structure, people will think "wow, you know China really well!"


Another example:

The pronunciations and phrases are relatively easy in this post. The sentence structure with "我好" is what you should take away from this post. This is a great one to express yourself in a very gentle and soft way. 

For instance, "我好喜欢你" I like you so much. If you just say "我喜欢你", that's just a plain fact, that I like you. There's no feelings whatsoever. But adding a 好 which means good, well original, you can imagine a scene where a girl saying it and a boy just can't help but saying  “我也好喜欢你” I like you a lot too.

Another sentence example, "我好困", I'm so sleepy. The direct and plain way to say it is “我困了”. But by saying "我好困", you're indicating that you're tired, sleepy, and wanna take a rest, and since it's a very soft and gentle way of saying it, people can't resist this request and normally people will say" oh, no worries, I'll take care of your work and you can go and take a nap" :P

This sentence is in fact originally from our popular course HSK 1-3 IN 30 DAYS  When we come across this sentence in this subscription service, we'll not only talk about it's pronunciations (the last 聚 should be a neutral tone when you say it ), but also practice other ways of saying "shall we hang out this weekend?". 

"周末聚聚不?" Adding a “不” which means "not" is the easiest variation. "周末聚聚呗“ ”咱周末聚聚?" ”咱周末聚聚不?" "周末组个局?" All of these are possible ways of asking "shall we hang out this weekend". Just to name a few here.


As you can see, all the info above are very practical, down-to-earth, which you don't usually learn from a formal class. But if you can speak out these kind of sentences, native Chinese speakers will be like " WOW YOUR CHINESE IS AMAZING!!!"

So don't hesitate. Join now!


Fact of This Service:

1.  No hassle. No auto-payment. You may for a month subscription and that's it. If you like the service and would like to continue, you'll need to pay it manually again. We won't charge you automatically so rest assured.

2. This is a monthly subscription service i.e. 31 days.

3. You'll need to download a free APP first to receive your daily videos and posts, and you can download and store the videos and posts in your cellphone or other devices. We'll send you all the easy info after your purchase.

4. No minimum or maximum level required. Since this service is based on posts and we're providing you the most practical, authentic and down-to-earth content that you won't get from formal classes, everyone will benefit from this service no matter which level you're at right now.

5. And YES you can ask us questions in the APP if you have any :)

6. Common topics we'll cover for posts: pronunciations, phrases, grammar, examples, background etc.


Join us and improve your Chinese in a quick and fun way!

Questions: gaosukie@gmail.com





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