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HSK 1-3 Listening & Analysis - Test Skills - Sukie Chinese

HSK 1-3 Listening & Analysis - Test Skills

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Note: This is real & hands-on experience on HSK listening tests so you'll need some background in HSK 1-3 in advance. If you're a beginner with 0 backgrounds, take this class: HSK 1-3 IN 30 DAYS or Chinesegram Academy Premium first.

How to do well in a test? You'll need to know what examiners want to test you!

There're always hints in a question and you'll need to find the clues and get the right answer - sometimes you don't even need to understand the whole thing. Just a few key phrases, with some reasonable assumptions, and you're good to go!

Check out an example below.

So in the course, we'll go through real questions and listen as a student taking the test. We'll learn tricks on how to vibe with examiners so that we can be on the same page which will increase our probabilities of getting a good score

Then we'll analyze the listening questions. We'll find the key elements and clues that'll lead to the answers. That's also how you can get the right answer without necessarily understanding the whole thing.

We'll also study along answering questions, which is an effective and right-on-point method of studying. So take your notes while taking lessons.

This course is not only good for your prep for tests, but also a value training for you to understand daily communications - where you wanna to catch up with others and conduct a pleasant talking, and you can do that with the tricks you learn from this course, because it's normal you don't understand every word and phrase the others are talking, unless you've been living in China for decades.

This course is in recorded video format online so that means you can access anytime anywhere and rewatch as many times as you want. You'll have 6 months to access the course. And it's currently on SALE so grab a seat before late!

Currently we're open for class March.

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1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. This program is for simplified Chinese. 


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