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Learn Chinese Fast While Working 9-5 - Sukie Chinese

Learn Chinese Fast While Working 9-5

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【For First 100 clients: $19.99   Tuition fees will increase afterwards.】


So I assume you have a day-time job and wanna learn Chinese right? I have this perfect course for you to quickly improve Chinese while enjoying a fun 9-5 life.

You should totally take this course if you are a beginner and want to quickly learn authentic Chinese that you can use in daily life with colleagues, friends, strangers, at bars, cafes, restaurants, and elsewhere.

You can learn Chinese you will naturally use in different scenarios and to perfectly express yourself. 


Sample Scenarios:

1. Formal self-intro at work

2. Casual self-intro in life

3. Ask someone out 

4. Order food

5. Take a taxi

6. Show affections

7. Catch up on new movies

8. Schedule an appointment

9. Make a plan

10. Do a presentation

etc. (here is just to list a few)

You are going to study Chinese words, phrases, sentences, grammar and culture backgrounds etc. So you can expect to be literate of Chinese and make casual conversations at the end of the class. You'll also have an incredible foundation to build further on. No matter if you want to take HSK tests or be a pro in Chinese, this is a great class for you.

This course is based online with recorded videos you can access anytime, anywhere. You'll get 5-star (yep, that's based on our previous clients)tutor service for FREE NOW. This service won't be included for free all the time so take the advantage of it now :) When you have any questions while studying, or in life, just ask us and we'll help you out asap. So you'll get this course at a great deal and connections with real native speakers.

You'll have 6 months to access the course. We recommend that you re-watch lessons as many times as possible because I'm sure you'll always get something new every time. And hang out with us online at Instagram and Youtube @SukieChinese for more fun and useful content!

Enroll now while it's on sale and start this amazing journey with me :)



1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 

2. The free private tutor service will be provided via WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger or other applications. You'll receive details on how to reach your private tutor in emails after enrollment.

3. This program is for simplified Chinese.


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