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Level Up Your Chinese Skills from OK to WOW - Sukie Chinese

Level Up Your Chinese Skills from OK to WOW

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Do you know the difference between a correct sentence and a sentence that’ll make a native Chinese speaker says: WOW!!!🤩🤩🤩

The answer is: the little words and phrases that glue a sentence together AKA sentence patterns.

For example, how to say: Although the job is tiring, you can make a lot of money.

-虽然(although)这份(this)工作(job)很辛苦(very tiring),但(but)你能(you can)赚(make)很多钱(a lot of money)。

Correct, but it lacks of something.🧐🧐

Try this one:

-这份(this)工作(job)累(tiring)归(belongs to)累(tiring),但(but)你能(you can)赚(make)很多钱(a lot of money)。


See the little trick here? With归...但... you just leveled up your Chinese skill!

Easy right?

This is what the course is all about - to level up your Chinese skills within no time.

In each lesson, you’ll learn a sentence pattern and see how you can apply it and bring sentences to the next level.

You’ll find downloadable files with Pinyin, English translations and Chinese for your review.

And the course comes with FREE tutor service for now. So whenever you have any questions, just ask your tutors and we’ll help you out asap.

This is a recorded video course based online, so that means you can access the course whenever and wherever you want. You can also re-watch each lesson as many times as you want. And you’ll have 12 months to access the whole course. That’s a whole year!


This course is also a great companion with our popular courses below where you can quickly improve your overall skills on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, sentences, writings and more.



This course is currently at huge discounts. Pay-by-installments is also available at checkout. Enroll now before late!



  1. For tech reasons you'll need a gmail account later to receive course info and notice. 
  2. The free private tutor service will be provided via WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger or other applications. You'll receive details on how to reach your private tutor in emails after enrollment.
  3. This program is for simplified Chinese.



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